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Parma Violets Scented Candle


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Parma Violets; The Sweetest Feeling.

Ah yes. Remember them? You’re six years old and life is completely carefree. This candle takes you there.

Burn Time 35 hours. Dimensions 7.7 x 6.6cm


  1. Laura

    My boyfriend bought me this as a Christmas present, and when I opened the tin the smell was like walking into a Parma Violets factory – amazing! I was skeptical as I have had scented candles that smelt amazing but when lit there was barely any fragrance. But this candle proved me wrong! I will definitely be buying one of these when mine runs out.

  2. ImmyGoldfish

    This is just the most gorgeous scented candle ever. I’m a huge Parma Violets fan and I also love purple. This is probably why my family thought this would be the perfect Christmas present for my newly decorated purple bedroom! It smells heavenly, although the fragrance could be stronger when lit as it didn’t have quite the same punch it does when solid. I was sad to see the decorations melt away and I’m tempted to buy one again just to keep the decorative wax pattern while this one burns. I would definitely recomend this!

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