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Merry Christmas Scented Candle


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Merry Christmas; And All Good Cheer…..

Could it be any more Christmassy? A sparkly gold and red label wrapped around a delicious Warm Spiced Ginger.- with a Spoonful of Orange Zest that makes you constantly want to come back for another sniff

Burn Time 35 hours. Dimensions 7.7 x 6.6cm


  1. Lara Howard

    I absolutely love Lily Flame products as every single one smells divine and I am always spoilt for choice when trying to pick my latest candle. Christmas is my favourite time of year and so I love my home smelling of spices and winter and this candle was perfect. I had it lit in my bedroom and you could smell it coming up the stairs which was quite far away from the bedroom. The scent permeates everything to create the most beautiful atmosphere, yet it’s never overpowering. Beautiful, beautiful products which I love so much (and especially as they’re made in my home county: Somerset!)

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