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Lily-Flame Party!

You’re So Invited!

Welcome to the Lily-Flame Party!We’d like you to be a part of the Lily-Flame creative process.

We need your help with choosing new scents and creating new cool scented concepts throughout the year. Imagine knowing that a new candle, enjoyed by thousands of people around the world, started as your idea!

In return for your input, we can offer:

  • The chance to purchase exclusive, limited edition scents, available only to our party guests
  • Special, Party Discount packages to get your fave candles at an even better price!
  • Sneak peeks at Future ranges
  • Behind the scenes exclusives
  • Personal Invitations to Lily-Flame events
  • Exclusive Competitions with great prizes
  • All kinds of Freebies
  • Tons of other stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet!

There’ll be plenty more where that came from, but we need a little time to fine tune the rest of the shiny things we want to offer you.

So come on in and…

Join The Party!

Just enter your details in the boxes below and then click the big, orange ‘Join The Lily-Flame Party’ button. It’s completely free!

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  • This might be your favourite Lily-Flame scent or something special you'd like to bring to the Party!
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