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The Lily-Flame Party – You’re Invited!

In my last blog post I posted a bit of a teaser about some treats we have in mind for our lovely, Lily-Flame customers.

That’s you, by the way.

Now that we are all official with our gorgeous new website, which I personally cannot stop stroking, we want you to take part in the celebration of our new home on the Internet.

The Questionnaire
Exquisite Scented Candle
Some of you were kind enough to fill in a customer questionnaire for us a few months ago. We have taken your feedback very seriously and we hope that you can see the results of that in every detail of our new site.

We were very touched at your amazing loyalty, and we were delighted to see how many of you wanted to take part in some kind of customer loyalty scheme.

We are not really huge fans of corporate phrases though. Here at Lily-Flame we very much prefer to do things our own way, and we feel that that is one of the reasons you give us so much love and affection, and come back to us time and time again.

So, please don’t join our loyalty scheme.


About the Lily-Flame Party
The best things about the Lily-Flame Party experience are:

You don’t need to bring a bottle
You don’t need to dress up
You don’t need to worry about spilling red wine on the carpet
The party lasts all year round!
No hangovers were involved in the hosting of this party
And if you want to attend in your reindeer onesie we don’t mind a bit! (In fact, I’m wearing mine as I type).


This party is all about you
If you join the Lily-Flame Party today, you will not only get all of the truly splendid benefits outlined above, we can also offer you:

Behind the scenes news! Get to know us and become one of the Lily-Flame family
The chance to find out about our latest ideas and products before anyone else
Personal invitations to Lily-Flame events, which will run throughout the year
Regular discounts on your Lily-Flame favourites
A bit of help with Post & Packaging costs at those crucial times of year when every penny counts
Party guest competitions, with prizes that might just feature some of our delectable, luxury products!

And the best bit…
We always save the best till last, and the thing we are most excited about is our plans to get you even more involved in Lily-Flame.

How would you feel about:

The chance to purchase exclusive, limited edition scents, available only to our party guests?
The chance to take part in our creative processes?
We need your help with choosing new scents throughout the year, and coming up with attention grabbing, glorious names that people cannot resist.

We promise that this will not be all, but we need a little time to fine tune the rest of the shiny things we want to offer you.

We hope this makes the thought of Christmas just a little bit more magical for you all.

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