About Us

About Us

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lily-Flame Candles. We’re passionate about creating candles that put a twinkle in your eye, a song in your heart and a beautiful fragrance in your home.

We spend countless hours selecting the right combination of fragrance, name and package design.

After all, it’s that perfect mix of exquisite scent, eye-catching packaging and fun, friendly names that makes our candles so special, and allows us to make our bold promise:

Lily-Flame puts a smile in your home!

So who or what is Lily-Flame?

Meet Jo Nicholls!

Jo started making candles in her kitchen in 1994 (a tradition she revisits every year in the hectic run-up to Christmas!)

She and her business partner Luc started out by driving to markets across the UK in their trusty ex-Royal Mail van, ‘Martha’, selling Jo’s handmade candles.

After eight years of 5am starts, market stalls and sleeping in the van, they found a home for Lily-Flame, and traded Martha for a converted cowshed in the Somerset countryside!

All British, all Royal…

Prior to starting Lily-Flame, Jo was a model. Her best known work was Stephen Hender’s famous ‘Sebastiana’ poster, which recently saw a new lease of life as the cover for the bestselling book ‘Endgame’ by Denise Robertson.

But Jo turned her back on a modelling career when she discovered her true passion; making candles!

She managed to find a mentor (the royal candle-maker David Constable), and ended up being sponsored by the Prince’s Trust. In fact, Lily-Flame was selected from over 60,000 businesses to be one of 21 “Prince’s Trust Champions”, celebrating the Trust’s 21st anniversary of its Business start-up initiative in 2004.

Did you know that Lily-Flame is…

Britain’s Best Loved scented candle maker

The results are in!

The scores on the doors reveal that Lily-Flame is the UK’s number one favourite scented candle maker.

More people enjoy burning Lily-Flame candles in their homes than any other British Made scented candles.

We’re incredibly happy and grateful that our customers put us in this position, so we’re committed to rewarding your loyalty.

That’s why we’re…

Made In Britain!!

Lily-Flame candles are manufactured in deepest Somerset, in the wilds of the Glastonbury countryside. We do all our manufacturing herein our converted cowshed, because we love being…

At the heart of our local community…

We’ve got an amazing team here at Lily-Flame, and we’re proud to have earned a place right at the heart of our local community.

Lily-Flame provides jobs for over 20 people, and every person on our team is passionate about being part of Lily-Flame. In fact, we’re grateful that our community has embraced us so warmly, because it’s extended the Lily-Flame family. You see, we’re…

Real people, real candle-makers…

At Lily-Flame, we’re real candle makers, not some faceless corporation.

Jo and Luc still take care of 100% of the Lily-Flame creative process themselves, in-house. While our candles have many imitators, no–one else has ever managed to replicate the magical combination of yummy scents, bold designs and smile-inducing names that make it a Lily-Flame candle. Not only that, but we’re…

The industry standard leaders who pioneered the ‘candle in a tin’…

Back when we launched our very first scented candles in tins, we knew we were onto a winner. But little did we know that every Tom, Dick and Harry would soon be copying us!

The iconic tin we designed here at Lily-Flame way back when has since been adopted as the industry standard. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so whenever you see a candle made by one of the countless, faceless imitators, you can smile to yourself in the knowledge that the tin they’ve slapped their label on was actually designed by Lily-Flame.

And of course, there are some things that can never be copied. You see, we don’t just rely on the finest ingredients, the splendidest scents and the loveliest designs. Most important of all, every Lily-Flame candle includes a secret ingredient…

The secret ingredient is love…

Jo and Luc carefully choose each scent to ensure that your candle has the perfect balance of authenticity, nose and “throw” (the candle’s ability to gently fill a room with gorgeous scent).

Then they pour tons of love, care and attention into naming the candle and creating the perfect package design.

Finally, everyone on the candle making team puts the same level of attention to details and tender loving care into pouring, chunking and wrapping your candle. In fact, our secret ingredient is probably why we’re…

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

2024 marks Lily-Flame’s 30th year in business, and we’re grateful that you’re part of the Lily-Flame community, so we’d love you to join us in the celebrations!

CLICK HERE to join in the festivities.

We Love our team, we love our customers, and we love putting a smile in your home!

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.

Jo & Luc