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"Absolutely thrilled with this, its beautifully presented and smells great and burns very well. I love the way the light comes through the white glass.."

Lauren T

“I love the seasonal scents, I have a Lily-Flame for every occasion!”


"I have been buying and giving the gifts of Lily-Flame candles to friends and family for over 20 years and they make the perfect presents. My all-time favourites are Daisy Dip, Fairy Dust, Bluebell Forest and relax"


"I want to love candles too. I have a Lily-Flame candle lit when I am working every day. I really like how it calms me and makes my study smell awesome"


"Our family have been a huge Lily-Flame fan for 14 years after my mum was gifted a Fairy Dust candle. Since then almost all of the Lily-Flame scented candles have brightened our home, and I can honestly say that no other scented candle beats them"


"One tin makes our entire 4 bedroom home smell beautiful and unique - the scents cannot be matched by any other scented candle retailer. They are not over-powering and are scented all the way to the bottom of the candle"


“It brings the smells of the day into a night worker's life”


“Creating intimacy between guests basking in the candles’ radiant glow, Lily-Flame entices with alluring, fragrant aromas to inspire the perfect mood for any special celebration”


“They are the perfect way to relax using scents at the end of a long day”


“Lily-Flame candles always remind me of cosy winter nights in”


“The fragrances of Lily-Flame candles are always spot on and perfect for any gathering”


“My favourite candles, the most relaxing scents”


“All the candles transport you to somewhere magical, filled with lovely memories and adventures yet to be had” 


"They are always at the centre of any family celebration I host at home. Thank you @lilyflame_official for your beautiful long-lasting scents! My home never smelt better”


“Lily-Flame are my go too favourite candles! Daisy dip reminds me of good times from years ago and fills my house with an amazing smell” ❤️


“Lily-Flame candles take all the scents of the seasons and combine them into beautiful reminders”


"The unique scents always make me think of happy times! I was gifted the fairy dust candle for my birthday so whenever I smell that it makes me happy and think of what a nice time I had”


“If I vacuum and light a Lily-Flame candle my son always asks ‘Who’s coming over?"


“Lily-Flame is like snuggling up in a warm duvet, surrounded by love and joy, evoking emotions for us all. It is a never fail bundle of joy”


“Lily flame is my candle of choice,
For friends and loved ones, it has its voice,
A welcome smell and alluring glow,
All the fragrance is out on show”.


“I received my first Lilly Flame candle (coconut) as a Christmas gift some years ago. I fell in love with the scent and how powerful it was throughout my home immediately and have continued to fill my home with your beautiful scents ever since!”


“Lily-flame candles help me relax and I put them around my bath”


“For all occasions, for all emotions” ❤️‍????


“Lily flame helps me celebrate and give bespoke gifts that suit each person. Puts smiles on all our faces and gorgeous smells around our houses”


“Lily-Flame candles are a talking point amongst friends and family about which ones you have and which ones are your favourite which is a tough one to decide!”


“The importance of candlelight and your favourite strong fragrance can light up even the darkest of days”


"The fragrances are Divine! I especially love the Christmas candles and their names which are more like personal messages”.


“Sometimes, when the world seems too much & I wanna dip my head under the water, I light a candle and breathe in... always makes me feel less despairing”.


"I’ve loved your candles for years - ever since I lived in my first ‘owned’ home, and they were my little luxury treat. Whenever I burn them they always get compliments - absolutely lovely!"


“I love Lily flame candles are always my first choice to treat me or my family and friends. I would say it’s fit for a queen”

Lisa T.

“They are the perfect way to relax using scents at the end of a long day”

Sarah B.

“Lily-flame helps me celebrate and give bespoke gifts that suit each person. Puts smiles on all our faces and gorgeous smells around our houses"

Hollie N.

"Given as gifts on many occasions to family friends and the neighbours. They burn for hours, recycle, then move on to the next flavour”

Karen K.

“I have a set of Lily-Flame candles for every occasion. For my dinner parties, cosy nights in, summer nights out (in the garden!) and always they make the best birthday presents for family and friends. It would not be home without my Lily-Flame candles”.

Andrea J.

“Your products always get so many compliments especially your beautiful candles from my family and friends when they visit my home. I absolutely love the exquisite range. So looking forward to my next delivery.”

Janise J.

“Lily-Flame candles are always a perfect gift for friends and family and perfect for setting the table over dinner.”

Tania S.

“Lily-Flame candles were my treat for my new home”

Rebecca G.